Aesthetic of the body

Aesthetic of the body

Our Aesthetics department has Ana Farias – aesthetician - and Dr. Luana - nutritionist on its team, who together can carry out programs adapted to each need.

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In the Aesthetic Evaluation, you will be presented with your best therapeutic plan to achieve your goals, which may include the following treatments:



This is a shaping massage that uses draining-modeling techniques with the aim of moving the cells of adipose tissue, fighting localized fat and cellulite.

It acts on flaccidity and revitalizes the tissues, as it encourages metabolic changes and the elimination of dead cells from the epidermis. As it is a draining massage, it stimulates venous and lymphatic return in the circulatory system and releases toxins.



This is a very gentle massage with a specific technique (Vooder or Leduc) that stimulates the lymphatic system in order to drain the liquids and toxins accumulated in the subcutaneous tissue. It is necessary when there is an insufficiency of the lymphatic and/or venous system (edema of the legs, abdomen, face), in traumas due to surgery (post-operation) or in the presence of cellulite (inflammation of the connective tissue).



Wrapping the entire body with a concentrate of Fucus seaweed and seawater.

The high concentration of iodine from the Fucus Algae and the mineral salts contained in the other algae are absorbed due to the vasodilating effect of the thermal blanket covering the body.

Indicated for increasing basal metabolism, draining, detoxifying, remineralizing and reducing inflammation in adipose tissue.



This non-invasive medical device – VENUS LEGACY - effectively resolves aesthetic issues on the body and face, such as non-surgical body shaping, reduction of localized fat (the increase in lipolysis starts 10 minutes after the body treatment), cellulite, skin firming and wrinkle reduction.

All this because it stimulates the production of elastin, collagen and fibroblasts, which are responsible for skin firmness.

Each person has their own needs and so the program is adapted to each one.

Expected results: greater definition, reduction in volume, flaccidity and cellulite, which are usually targeted: belly, thighs and arms. On the face, greater definition of bone lines, reduction of jowls, and reduction of sagging and wrinkles.



LPG Endermologie is a technique originally developed for post-surgical treatment, but which has proved to be a revolution in body treatments when it comes to draining, slimming, reducing cellulite and sagging skin.

It is highly effective in eliminating cellulite, combating fluid retention, improving venous-lymphatic circulation, increasing tissue tone and body shape, while offering a relaxing feeling of well-being, with results from as early as the 3rd session.



Electro-stimulation is a non-invasive treatment that consists of applying electrodes to the surface of the skin in order to contract the muscle fibers.

Muscle contraction caused by electrical impulses promotes muscle firmness, blood circulation, improves cell oxygenation and eliminates toxins.

It is especially indicated for: muscle toning, blood and lymph circulation, reduction of localized fat, cellulite and flaccidity.

Prices of the treatments to be carried out (There may be more than 1 treatment in the Treatment Plan or changes of services at any time according to the client's needs depending on the body's reaction to the treatment):


Duration 30min | Price 59€ | Pack 10: 39€ a session

Duration 60min | Price 79€ | Pack 10: 59€ a session

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