Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics

Our facial treatments range from deep cleansing to acne treatments, skin dehydration and superficial or deep wrinkles. All treatments are suitable for both sexes.

In addition to excellent quality products, we offer machines with technology that accelerates and leverages the desired effect, such as radiofrequency, electrostimulation and endermologie.

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It's a purifying facial treatment that deeply cleanses, oxygenates and moisturizes your skin. It's best done at least twice a year, or when you feel your skin has pimples, so that the skin comes into balance and absorbs the products we put on it.

This treatment is carried out with products that remove all dead cells and open up the pores so that we can reach and remove blackheads/papules/pimples, or give the skin a boost to produce natural elastin and collagen.

At the end of the treatment, the skin is disinfected at a high frequency and a toning massage is given to the face, neck and head.


Duration: 60 minutes | Price: 69€



A deeply moisturizing and repairing facial treatment for dehydrated and fatigued skin, due to stress and lack of special care for the skin of the face. In addition to deep cleansing, an intense moisturizing treatment will be carried out, followed by a pleasant massage of the face, neck and head.

Suitable if you feel your skin is dull, peeling or if you feel it's always pulling.


Duration: 60 minutes | Price: €69 | Pack of 4: €59.00 per session



This is an anti-wrinkle and firming shock treatment for the face, which begins with a good cleansing of the skin and ends with a special tightening and toning mask

After the skin has been 100% activated, a Venus Legacy radiofrequency treatment is carried out, which increases the blood and lymph circulation of the face, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, and intensifies the absorption of the products used previously.

After this treatment you'll really feel rejuvenated.


Duration: 90 minutes | Price: €125 | Pack of 4 sessions: €99.00 per session



This is a facial treatment for those who feel that their skin is in balance, and want to maintain its hydration and tone, through an exfoliation, hydration and lifting massage.


Duration: 30 minutes | Price: €45 | Pack of 4 sessions: €40.00 per session


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