O que tratamos

What we do

At Thalasso, we aim to prevent and help treat people who:

-They lost the health of bones, joints and muscles (rheumatic pathology, fibromyalgia, arthrosis), because the properties of heated sea water, associated with health techniques applied by specialized physiotherapists, reduce pain and accelerate recovery.

- They have circulatory difficulties, as gymnastics, hydromassage and hydrostatic pressure in the pool are ideal for making the venous lymphatic system work.

- They have rhinitis and sinusitis, as seawater fluidizes secretions and cleans the upper airways, improving respiratory health.

- They have sleep problems, depression and nervous/neurological system problems, because seawater is loaded with negative electrons that are released with the movement of the water and that rebalance a tired and exhausted organism due to being charged with an excessive positive charge.

The fact that our treatments are carried out with sea water:

Heated - dilates the pores and allows the absorption of mineral salts, the temperature has an analgesic effect, that is, it reduces pain ( Temperature effect 34ºC-38ºC )

It has a high density - Reduction of 70% in weight, which allows for movements with great joint amplitudes and without pain, and the vertical hydrostatic pressure stimulates veno-lymphatic circulation, which improves circulation and reduces heaviness in the legs ( High density due to mineral salts)

And the presence of hydromassage - stimulates veno-lymphatic circulation, improves cellulite, increases skin oxygenation and skin absorption of mineral salts contained in seawater. (Massage of all muscles and joints)

This all makes Thalassotherapy bring more health and well being!

In addition to treatments with seawater, we offer:

Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Osteopathy, Spinal Spine Treatment, Therapeutic and Relaxation Massages, Holistic Therapies,  , Acupuncture, Wax and Laser Hair Removal, Thalgo Aesthetics - Body and Face.


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