Pilates Grávidas

Pregnant pilates

Clinical Pilates is recommended for all pregnant women (without medical contraindications) in order to keep them physically active. It then appears as a method of body awareness, which allows pregnant women to recognize their new posture and adapt biomechanically to it. Furthermore, it allows for better preparation for childbirth and recovery (whether from a vaginal birth or a cesarean section).

Clinical Pilates for Pregnant Women offers increased resistance and muscular flexibility, reducing the overload on the muscles of the lumbar spine, and consequently reducing pain.


Our main benefits are:

  • Strengthening the Pelvic Floor – A strengthened pelvic floor can help with bladder control and preparation for labor.
  • Improved posture – Pilates increases postural awareness and body alignment. This can help pregnant women maintain a more balanced posture and alleviate possible discomfort, for example, in the back associated with pregnancy.
  • Reduction of Stress and Anxiety in the face of changes that arise naturally – provides greater relaxation and focus.
  • Promotion of body awareness – Pilates encourages body awareness, helping pregnant women to connect with the changes occurring in their bodies and adapt to them in a positive way.
  • Global Muscle Strengthening – This can help prevent common pain and discomfort during pregnancy, such as low back and neck pain.
  • Prevention of urinary and/or fecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Helps promote venous return, reducing edema in the lower limbs.
  • Prevents injuries to the spine or sacrum iliac, through the work of motor control between the lumbar and abdominal region.

Instructor: Physiotherapist Daniela Agostinho


Clinical Pilates Group of max. 5 pregnant women

Monthly fee 1x week (45min.) | Price €55

Registration €20

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