Reiki is a complementary and integrative therapy. This technique aims to realign the flow of vital energy, bringing energy balance to the body.

A prophylactic and well-being maintenance method;

A method that does not rule out other medicines or therapies, on the contrary, can increase their effectiveness.

A self-help technique for personal growth.

It helps boost the body's defenses thereby helping the body overcome an infection by stimulating the immune system.

Relieves states of depression, tiredness, anxiety and pain.

Eliminates or reduces drug side effects, especially in chemotherapy, by accelerating the elimination of toxins.

To understand what Reiki is, we have to understand that everything is energy and that if we have the perception of energy contained in ourselves, in others, in things, then we will be able to work in a deeper and more conscious way, in our healing or in what we want in our life.


Duration 45min | Price €45.00

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